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Add your artwork to our gallery today!

Just send us an e-mail with:

-Photo's of your work.

-The name of your work.

-The name of the artist.

-The e-mail of the artist.

-Estimated value of your work. (Optional)

-A description of your work.

This service costs €1,59 monthly for each artwork uploaded.

We will contact you for further information.


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ForArt is an online gallery, we do not sell the products on this webpage. This online gallery shows you the price, the contact information and a description of each piece of art.The prices on this site are a suggestion by the artist, however, the real transaction is made between the artist and the client. We do not interfere with the trade between the artist and the client nor do we refund any purchase.



Any subscribed e-mail will not be shared with third and we will not demand your identity. The contact information of each artist who owns artworks in the gallery will be displayed. This contact information is chosen by the artist as long as potential clients can contact the artist. ForArt is an online gallery, we do not interfere with the selling

of the artworks.


ForArt does not provide a refund in case of a dissatisfaction. Only the artist can decide if the client can get a refund. ForArt does not transport any artworks, the transportation of the art pieces has to be arranged with the artist.


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